Who We Are

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The Chancellor team seeks to unleash our clients’ academic achievement by providing high-quality, individually tailored one-on-one writing coaching that works with the whole person.

Writing with clarity and complexity presents one of the greatest struggles for students and professionals. While we live in an increasingly technologized and digitized universe, developing persuasive writing with a specific voice and purpose remains an elusive but highly valued academic and workplace skill.

Chancellor Writing Services serves Philadelphia, its suburbs, and the greater region--South Jersey, Bucks County, and Delaware. We encourage on-site visits to our office in the Fairmount district of Philly, and also travel to you for an additional fee. We are available for  daytime appointments, weekday evenings, and many weekend days.

Services We Offer

The Chancellor Team takes an intuitive yet methodical approach to individualizing writing instruction--from college application essays to research and thesis-driven essays, and from humanities writing to technologies to assist LD readers. Our goal is always to empower  students and professionals, to internalize the skills we teach and to adapt them as they move to the next level of education and work life.

In addition to the services listed below, we are able to accommodate clients with a broad range of needs. If you do not feel this list reflects your specific academic needs, request a free consultation so that we can better understand how we can help you.

Academic Writing Skill Development


  • Middle school students
  • High school students
  • College students
  • Professional adults

Chancellor's Dr. Virginia Smith works with:

Middle school students to develop and sequence ideas and to transition to higher order thinking for the more complex high school assignments ahead.

High school students’ needs range from tips to ace the SAT and ACT essays to killer college application essays to writing for college.

College and graduate students to make significant strides in critical reading and writing.  

She accommodates struggling and learning differences. Her expertise is in working with proficient to gifted students, who nonetheless struggle with conceptual thinking, coherence, and  development of ideas and evidence in their writing. Individual progress reports provided to document development.

College Coaching for Success

Even the best high school students often need transitional support and skill development to succeed as freshman in college life. We provide onsite (within Philly/Tri-State area) and online work with college students in developing daily, weekly and semester long schedules and goals, in writing and study tutoring, and in executive functioning/organizational skills needed for academic success. 

with us, you can

  • Gain study skills that help you to know what material to skim, to annotate carefully, and to read, reread and review for memorization and conceptual understanding
  • Learn how to organize your work load and study schedule, and plan your daily, weekly and monthly academic priorities
  • Best practices for note-taking, making study guides, effective annotation skills, and humanities and social science exam preparation

Remedial & Advanced Literacy Instruction for Students with Learning Differences

Chancellor's Dr. William Keeney specializes in diagnosing difficulties in student reading, writing, and study skills. He can develop a plan that finds your strengths and taps into your individual learning style to help you build skills and use advanced technologies to ease your workload and unlock your potential. For over a decade, Dr. Keeney has enabled high school students with learning differences to succeed in a college preparatory curriculum and equipped them with the unique skills necessary for competence in college.

Our work with with ld students includes

  • Basic multi-sensory language instruction for struggling readers, ages 10-50
    Advanced vocabulary, word attack, and fluency for developing readers, especially adolescents who struggle with reading
  • Technology strategies for reading and writing, including text-to-speech, audio assisted reading, visual organizers, and advanced proofreading software
  • Organizational and motivational difficulties
  • SAT Verbal, Writing, and Math preparation

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