Our clients inspire us.


We excel at helping public and private high school students transform their writing from average or dutifully done essays to papers that engage with thesis-driven persuasive and research writing that takes their grade and their independence in thinking and writing to a new level. Our clients are middle and high school students struggling with ADD or executive functioning. Their parents seek us out to provide  the rubrics, mechanical strategies, self-talk skills and metacognition that help students settle their writing down, sequence and develop higher-order ideas and create detailed, developed, assignment-specific content. Students who need help with ACT, SAT, Praxis and GRE test-taking strategies will find us able to provide the tailored to them,  one-on one work the big companies cannot.

We are the best college essay tutors around for high school seniors, helping you produce that voice and content that is unique to you, informed by knowledge of what those university admissions' directors do and do not want to read.

LD students with language-based processing problems can find the technology and strategies to use for remediation in spelling and typing and accommodation by using speech to text technology.

Those college and grad school students who need help conceptualizing, note-taking, organizing and writing theses in the humanities and social sciences have found us invaluable in helping them to finish their post-secondary degrees. 

We serve nursing and medical students as well as business and other professional people. They want their job performance to be enhanced by stronger business or report writing and a more relaxed, expressive, clear, and authoritative voice. Those clients need help with skills such as audience-driven pre-writing and planning,  coherence, transitions, and mechanics.


Let some of our clients share what it is like to work with chancellor:

Matthew started working with Virginia Smith at the end of the summer before 9th grade, and it has been truly transformative. After a couple of weeks working with him, Virginia quickly realized that Matthew’s executive functioning deficits were far greater than he let on (I’m sure you remember those great coping skills he has that make people think he’s “getting it” when he’s not).

She dug in and over the past two years has provided our son with an amazing set of tools for writing and analysis. Matt never could have handled the challenging, private school writing program without the skills he’s developed under Virginia’s guidance.

He’s now not only handling the writing, but he’s getting A’s and B’s from very critical teachers and will easily be writing at a college level when the time comes. That’s a far cry from the barely C level he was accomplishing in middle school.

Suffice it to say, I’m not sure how Matthew (or I) would have fared at PC in high school had we not found Virginia. We always knew he had it in him, but she was able to figure out how to get it out of him.
— Mother of High School Junior
Virginia Smith is more than a tutor to my children. She is also their mentor, cheerleader and friend. She showed my son and daughter that academic success is symbiotic with developing organizational strategies and study skills and how being motivated and wanting to succeed are crucial to achievement and personal development.

Dr. Smith never focuses on writing a paper merely to earn a good grade; instead, she helps them develop life long learning skills that improve their writing and reading comprehension. She instills a desire for them to question, and helps them to look at their learning differences as strengths, teaching them how to use these differences to their advantage.

She’s been tutoring my son for the past 2 years and we hope to send him off to college in the fall with her support, knowing that she’s only a text or email away from reminding him that with hard work, organization and determination, he can succeed. Without hesitation and with total confidence, I would recommend Virginia to tutor, mentor and cheerlead for your children!
— Ellen Glassman, parent and educator
Virginia Smith has been instrumental in our son’s growth as a writer. Virginia helped him overcome his inability to organize ideas and to manipulate information.

By the time our son reached high school, Virginia’s instruction and support had given him the ability to approach any writing assignment — whether an in-class essay, an in-depth literary analysis, or a long-term research paper — with confidence and organization. These are skills that have helped him in every high school class. Virginia’s flexible scheduling, and her availability on short notice, either in person or via video conference call, has greatly reduced the stress we, as parents, feel when our son receives a writing assignment. For all of these reasons, we highly recommend her as a writing instructor.
— Traci and Peter Newman
Virginia is truly an exceptional tutor. We were home schoolers in Philadelphia and Virginia really stepped in and took charge of our teenage son’s English language and literature curriculum and education. Thanks almost solely to her efforts, he went from a mediocre English student to one who scored a 780 on the SAT critical reading and a 780 on the English Literature SAT Subject test. We think she accomplished this not only because of her remarkable knowledge of the material, but also because of her amazing commitment to our son and his education. Virginia truly cares and that makes the difference. She is, quite simply, the best in the business.
— Bob and Kammie Scott, Philadelphia
I am the mother of a college art student with learning differences and time management problems. Virginia has tutored my daughter in her English and Humanities general education courses. She has successfully deepened my daughter’s understanding of the readings, provided the structure to synthesize the material, and helped my daughter become a better writer. Virginia has also been an excellent coach involved in helping my daughter with time management and college preparedness skills.
— Helene Avart, Villanova
It is difficult to overstate just how much Dr. Smith (Virginia) at Chancellor Consulting has helped me. As an older, returning student, I really struggled to get my writing back to where it used to be. I felt stuck. She was sympathetic and attentive. She helped me organize and broaden my existing writing skills while offering new insights and developing a personalized “plan of attack” that I could take with me on my academic journey. I am so thankful.
— Magan A, returning college student
I began working with Virginia at the end of 8th grade and continue to the present day as a college freshman. Virginia has helped me get through my prestigious private high school with her amazing talent in writing and reading. She helped me become a deep thinker, going beyond what is on the page, and a well-developed writer. Each session she challenged me.

I am so grateful that Virginia is not only my tutor now but a true friend. The relationship we build through the years has been truly amazing, and I cannot thank her enough for getting me through high school, helping me get into college, and making me become the student I am today.
— Ilana Resnick, Drexel University student
I took an English course taught by Virginia during my sophomore year of college. Then I took an English course taught by Virginia during my junior year. Later, I took an English course taught by Virginia during my last semester before graduating. I will go into some detail about her qualities as a teacher, but keeping in mind the maxim “actions speak louder than words,” I believe those first three sentences say all that anyone would need to know.

I will say, without hesitation, that Virginia is the best teacher I’ve had - from grade school through law school. Virginia genuinely cares about helping her students learn and expand. Her enthusiasm and appreciation for the subject matter she teaches is infectious, and as a student you don’t just learn, you come to truly understand.
— Stephen Zaffuto, PSU grad and attorney
As a teacher of secondary English and writing, I’m grateful for the skills that Virginia rooted in me as her high school student many years ago. She modeled good writing in her conscientious comments on my papers, patiently encouraged me when I struggled, and in the end, really provided me with strong tools to approach texts critically and to communicate clearly. I went on to college and graduate school in literature, and feel confident that Virginia was a crucial, wise teacher at the beginning of this path.
— Julia Taylor, English teacher, Compass School in Vermont
Virginia is a core member of the Anna Crusis Women’s Choir team. We rely on her gifts with words in many ways - from writing program notes and publicity, visioning, planning and group energizing, to coordinating the everyday needs of a creative and vibrant membership of over-fifty women. We are so lucky to have her!
— Miriam Davidson, Artistic Director of ACWC
Our family deeply appreciates and respects the expertise of Bill Keeney. In his work with our 12-year-old dyslexic son, Bill moved swiftly from learning assessment to action, creating a highly individualized program our son can pursue while at a challenging independent school. Bill is obviously highly skilled and knowledgeable—his resume clearly indicates that—but he is also wonderfully personable. Our son enjoys his company.
— Parent of a 12-year-old dyslexic student