Pennsylvania Colleges

The return on investment and cost of a four year college education remain headline concerns for most parents and college bound high school students. What is the most cost effective and viable path to gaining marketable skills as well as the cultural and social capital to navigate the 21st century?

Many educators see the four year brick and mortar college as an institution whose days are numbered. Some see online education as the democratic future of higher education. Still others continue to maintain that the small, liberal arts classroom is the best route to a productive professional and civic life. The practical and pragmatic believe that a return to trades and lower-median level technical and technological skills in science and medicine is the most economically sensible and productive route.

In the midst of this conversation, check out this USA Today ranking of Pennsylvania colleges. As a Philadelphian I am proud to see U of Penn retain its number one rating. As a Bucknell graduate, I was pleased to see that my alma mater ranked as number two. In any case, as you investigate the best path for your student, check out these top ten colleges and universities rated the best in a state riff with higher education opportunities.